Outing-Flickr at Cenral Market

Special thanks to Chot, Eshazli, Dominic and Monkeykrap for organize this Outing Keyell. Ramai juga yg turn up most of them are owners baju “street shooter” and “Flicker”

Fortunetely Saturday I,m still at Kay Ell sbb on Friday I got task to complete by my company. Eventhough i not follow until end of the event but I really enjoy shoot with all the street shooter. Kalo nak shoot sorang2 kat tepi jalan, jiwa aku tak cukup kental…Orang hati-hati kering je can to this…hehehe…..

Event start kol 7…kumpul-kumpul orang 8.30 pg br start officially.. divided into 3 groups 2 layan model and 1 layan candid street…aku?….layan model ler…hehehe…

All the members attended…boleh tahan ramai



Model for today!! “Maya”



More photo : http://www.flickr.com/photos/pujie/sets/72157616521975195/

Pujie (012 3420089)

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